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aluminum can, A. Jonathan BuhalisIndustrial Metals
by Jonathan Buhalis

The industrial metals are the ones most obvious to us as we look around our daily lives. Industrial metals are smelted and shaped in high volume to become the frameworks of buildings, the substance of packaging, and the guts of machinery. These metals represent the old, familiar technologies that may pollute or waste, but are well-entrenched.

Al, A. Jonathan BuhalisAluminum

Cu, A. Jonathan BuhalisCopper

Fe, A. Jonathan BuhalisIron and Steel

Pb, A. Jonathan BuhalisLead

Mg, A. Jonathan BuhalisMagnesium

Ni, A. Jonathan BuhalisNickel

Sn, A. Jonathan BuhalisTin

Ti, A. Jonathan BuhalisTitanium

Zn, A. Jonathan BuhalisZinc

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