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curved steel bars, A. Jonathan BuhalisResource Metals
by Jonathan Buhalis

Metals are the building blocks of civilization, produced by the ounce or the ton even as you read this page. (See inset.) We have broken down the metals into several categories.

Clean Tech Metals
Industrial Metals
Minor Metals
Precious Metals
Rare Earths

Metal history
Metal prices
Clean tech mining

lithium-ion batteryClean Tech Metals
by Jonathan Buhalis
We are most interested in the clean tech metals. These metals make possible the solar panels, wind turbines, and advanced batteries that are replacing established but wasteful industries.

Bi, A. Jonathan BuhalisBismuth

Cd, A. Jonathan BuhalisCadmium

Co, A. Jonathan BuhalisCobalt

Ga, A. Jonathan BuhalisGallium

In, A. Jonathan BuhalisIndium

Li, A. Jonathan BuhalisLithium

Nb, A. Jonathan BuhalisNiobium and tantalum

Pu, A. Jonathan BuhalisPlutonium

U, A. Jonathan BuhalisUranium

aluminum can, A. Jonathan BuhalisIndustrial Metals
by Jonathan Buhalis
The industrial metals are the ones most obvious to us as we look around our daily lives. Industrial metals are smelted and shaped in high volume to become the frameworks of buildings, the substance of packaging, and the guts of machinery. These metals represent the old, familiar technologies that may pollute or waste, but are well-entrenched.

Al, A. Jonathan BuhalisAluminum

Cu, A. Jonathan BuhalisCopper

Fe, A. Jonathan BuhalisIron and Steel

Pb, A. Jonathan BuhalisLead

Mg, A. Jonathan BuhalisMagnesium

Ni, A. Jonathan BuhalisNickel

Sn, A. Jonathan BuhalisTin

Ti, A. Jonathan BuhalisTitanium

Zn, A. Jonathan BuhalisZinc

tungsten drill bit, A. Jonathan BuhalisMinor Metals
by Jonathan Buhalis
The minor metals have established uses in small quantities, often as alloys and coatings for the industrial metals.

Be, A. Jonathan BuhalisBeryllium

Cr, A. Jonathan BuhalisChromium

Mn, A. Jonathan BuhalisManganese

Hg, A. Jonathan BuhalisMercury

Mo, A. Jonathan BuhalisMolybdenum

K, A. Jonathan BuhalisPotassium

Ra, A. Jonathan BuhalisRadium

Na, A. Jonathan BuhalisSodium

W, A. Jonathan BuhalisTungsten

V, A. Jonathan BuhalisVanadium

Zr, A. Jonathan BuhalisZirconium

Rare Earths
by Jonathan Buhalis

Y, A. Jonathan BuhalisRare earths are a set of 17 related metals that are critical for various clean tech and strategic purposes.

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